Rules in our Club

Our values and morals.
We believe in a free society, freedom of choice and free speech. Our aim is to create a diverse culture free from racism, homophobia, violence, sexism, transphobia, fascism, hate speech, body shaming and other forms of discrimination.

We strive to be a safe space where everyone feels comfortable and happy.

Our club has a zero tolerance policy for drug use.
Anyone who violates it will be handed over to the police.

Party safely and responsibly!

We have a no-entry-garentee policy in our club!
XLR8 is committed to a one front community and we thrive on this being a part of our movement.

Our security has the right to refuse entry to anyone they feel does not respect the movement and values of XLR8.

This also applies to advance booking tickets.
Should a person be refused entry, the full ticket price will be refunded with proof of purchase.

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