The Beginning of XLR8 Club in Kleve

XLR8 Kleve is a techno nightclub located in Kleve. The dream began in November of 2019 where a group of like-minded people joined forces and began planning to introduce the underground clubbing scene to the NRW. When they first began, the unorthodox location of the fairly small city of Kleve was shunned upon, the doubt rolled in for all angles. However, that did not stop them from pushing forward and later acheiving their goal. The city of Kleve is starting to develop at an outstanding rate, and this group wanted to accelerate that development with the power of unity and music. With the help of registered members and local businesses, they were able to build the club from scratch, using recycled materials, in the once famous XOX biskuitfabrik and just like its predecessor, XLR8 Kleve aims to provide more job opportunities to other passionate members while lifting the cities spirits. Located in Kleve in Briener Straße 14 in the significant ‘XOX biskuitfabrik’, the location provides entertainment to locals and students attending universities in the areas of Kleve and Nijmegen. XLR8 Kleve’s philosophy continues to be to improve the environmental impact clubs have on their beloved planet. With the help of local recycling companies and donations, they were able to reuse materials in building walls, stages, seating areas and more. They will continue to push this movement while providing a safe space where people of different ethnicities, cultures, sexualities, backgrounds and more can come together as one united force bound by the power of techno and dance the night away!